For better mental health –cultivate friendship.

What keeps me well… (continued)

My true individual friend Nigel……….

ImageMy mate Nigel!

He’s a true individual who has insight about self-improvement self help and the spiritual. We talk about this range of subjects, but mostly apply our practice improving our lives, as we both believe psychological insight can be spiritual insight, applied to make us and all around us happy.

We also practice ‘ordinary’ friendship, lending and borrowing money, being reliable, mutual listening  and support, telling the truth to each other, even when its uncomfortable, not arguing destructively however; why argue when you can persuade, after all?

What I like about Nigel is he’s very bright, in terms of  language, business development –  google ”A Crazy Cure” for a possible cure for any problem physical or mental. He’s also honest and reliable, though not always right and he can admit that. He’s got more into the beauty of silence, from which we can all let emerge profound insights about the reality of our denied nay even repressed selves, and the absolute wonderful reality truth, which if we even taste it is noble, exalted, energy giving, inspiring, uplifting, wonderful yet not manic. We share food, he lets me use his fridge freezer saving me money, in return I help him via small loans, he always pays back, as a true friend should.

Our friendship, like all friendships, in reality is never perfect, but it is OK, and nourishing, because we are good guys; with a meditation-al contemplative mind, it and everything else is perfect imperfection, ‘enlightened’ in small sense, and joyful.

For  an improved mental health we all need friends, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Furthermore, friends can enhance our happiness, insight and love for ourselves, themselves, and the world. This is my definition of spiritual friendship, it also enhances joy and compassion.

For better mental health –cultivate friendship.  J Milan Ghosh. September 2013

4 thoughts on “For better mental health –cultivate friendship.

  1. Hi Milan, great to see you yesterday with all your enthusiasm, ideas for blog pieces, really love this reflection on what friendship means for you, you seem blessed indeed with your recreation-al friend, and he with your friendship, it seems you have nurtured each other in the same way as you do your allotment,


      • Hi Milan, I often confuse people and myself as to who I am but on Friday I was mostly myself! I have your email somewhere I think, that might be a less public contact point? I didn’t get to jazz, is it every Thursday?
        Today I impersonating the Leeds WW owl!
        Cheers, Su


    • my phones gone on the blink sods law
      so if youve been trying to ring, soory can we meet in town the adelhi to discuss things, or give me your personal email; im at the lite 4-630pm wed 2nd oct 2013


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