My school days

The school season has begun and children are just about getting used to another term…

I remember looking forward to having new teachers at the start of each school year, and seeing friends after summer holidays to hear their news. One of the first things teachers always used to ask us to do was to report on what we’d been up to over the holidays. I can’t remember what I used to write, though I do remember at one point writing about family meals at my grandmother’s house.

It’s hard to chose a favorite year at school, especially at primary school as each year used to teach me different and enjoyable things. Like in reception we learnt about condensation, and in year three we learnt our times tables. Our residential trip in year five was most memorable for me because of it’s orienteering that I used to look forward to, and also the time that I jumped into the lake whilst canoeing with the others, to get our oar that had drifted merrily away from our boat. Inevitably I had to be rescued. At the time I would have rather been anywhere else but the misty water, but looking back I am able to see the humorous side. Then, in  high school, I remember I was one of those performers who froze right in the middle of a song I was playing on the guitar during a school concert. Inevitably I was politely clapped off the stage. I still play guitar to relax: this experience did little to stop me keep doing what I enjoyed, and still enjoy.

I see the positive side to these schooling experiences and looking back at the things I did, I can’t help but smile, as I laugh along as I tell these stories to others.

By A

3 thoughts on “My school days

  1. Great blog piece, thanks for sharing your story, lovely memories, apart perhaps from your dip in the water and stage fright!, your eagerness for learning shines through in the retelling.Autumn always seems to stir up similar memories for me of the ‘old school yard’ drying leaves, conkers, new exercises books and new pencils, looking forward to hear more of your stories.
    Cheers, Su


  2. I’m glad that experience didn’t stop you playing guitar! I like the winds of Autumn, which always seem like the winds of change, and that new things are coming along, even though you had to say goodbye to the nice things that happened in the Summer. Terry


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