Continuing poetry as therapy theme, changing with the seasons too- ah! tis the spring of awakening life.

Sunday 1st March 2015
It’s a cold wet sunday on the first of March 2015, time of changes, of Spring, of live green shoots, verdant green, air wind sometimes cold, sometimes warm and breezy.of increasing eves..of birds returning and flying beginning to breed, mates, of freedom re-membering a time of seasonal change, like my emotions: colourful, sometimes cold and inert, most going forth from winter into summer, in the in between month of March.
But do eat your greeens and livelong, longlife you and everyone, to see another Marching on March to joyful Spring and Summer sky blues.
Celebrate for it is life! Breathe deeper.
Published in April 1994:
Crocus books Milan Ghosh’s poems in this anthology of Asian, African-Caribean ‘ethnic’ Love Poems: Rika, 8am,Emense.
”Underneath the ashes was buried all desire”
Mr Chatterjee
Rika January 1983
Rika* can you hear me
For my soul is about to leave you
Yet it grieves for you
Like trees for the summer sun
For everything is cold now and bitter,
With the mourning of Summer’s end
And my hopes like the dove are only the things of love
Which fly gracefully,
For a moment in time that is all too short,
Then land gently
As leaves from trees
On a still Autumn day
To decay
In the cool valley of the past that will never come back.
The last two lines were the inspiration for the poem and are by Herman Hess. *Pronounced like Erica without the’E’; Rika is a Swedish name.

She was my 3rd girlfriend, at age 16 years, I knew
little about life, I was so young and naïve and very, very timid. Rika was 33 years old incredibly beautiful and kind to me, but age and experience meant we split up. I never forgot her kindness and gentleness, her nurturing listening, however. Never and forever
 shall i forget her.

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