There’s now a feeling of preparation as shops focus, we’re all aware, on “next month”.

We gradually realise what our own preferred time of year is. Is it Spring? When that winter coat evaporates with the year’s first sunbeam? Perhaps you look forward to Summer, when the sun pays a warm visit that never outstays its welcome. Is it Autumn that finds you out and about, the first time in the year that you’re wearing plenty? Or Winter, when the only advisable thing to do is “keep warm”.

Whatever your own thoughts, I’d like to make the case for why this time of year (Autumn) is something to value.  Indeed, once September passes Autumn days are broad with possibility.

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Nothing is now ‘urgent’ as the day never wilts. It remains a pleasant “neutral”. I’ve also noticed the significance of the notable and awakening nights, as foxes roam at half past four.

The epoch and change from the stand-still feeling which was heralded effortlessly by July, as Autumn swoops by with speedy activity. Indeed perhaps you’re running for shelter when out in heavy showers, or working to an indoor-itinerary, “busy” is often the word. Of course, It’s certainly true that there are (at the last count) 7 billion Autumns a year.

Then there’s the comfort when feet are in front of the fire, and that television or radio programme which  finally emerges from somewhere in the dales come on. The only thing more relaxing than this, is perhaps watching it in a woolly sweater and holding that cup of flavoured tea as the curtains are closed in time for half-past seven, yet the bus drivers are still making their way.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn…

  1. Absolutely beautiful reflective piece Mandi, visually and verbally really captures this time of year, which is truly ‘broad with possibility’, I’d be hard pressed to say it’s my favourite season but it does fill me with mellow tones, thanks for reminding me, looking forward to more posts 🙂 Su


  2. I’m quite fond of Autumn too, at least if you don’t have too much to do. One of my worst Autumns ever was travelling through dark, wet days to a teaching practice in Wakefield with children who wouldn’t do a thing I said. But if you’ve time to wander about and enjoy the colours it is very beautiful, and I like the ‘winds of change’ that blow this time of year, promising new life, eventually. NIce post, thanks, Terry


  3. Oh Mandy that’s such a lovely post. I love the seasons – it’s part of the beauty of life. What a glorious Autumn it has been. I am writing this sat in Costa Coffee looking outside at the blue sky and the yellow autumn leaves are so bright in this light. It makes me happy.
    Great fresh air too. XXX Vicky


  4. i love autumn too and have heard season of mellow mists and melanchlia paradoxically beeutiful, its about the agony of despair depression, but releases the heart by recognition that someone else knows the pain of clinical depression

    as leaves fall it symbolise we all die that life is short and precious indeed despite adversities, if we are wise there is always joy and opportunty
    this is the compassinate mind of meditational wisdom. we cannot fail if we try and medtate daily for even 10 minutes

    for corses inj relaxation first to allay the basic neurotic anxiety of rwed, then metate google leeds buddhist centre; theres a 10 week beginners course.
    what have we to lost by trying anything new thats wholesome

    we can win freedom joy an wisdom if we meditate and for better mental health cultivate friendship
    there is life and love of all kinds
    mediators discover there is no lack of resorces, in place of anxiety despair, and even [psychosis. meditatiors discover that love is all, all is love

    i am at my happiest joy ever abnd so calm.

    googl vipassabna truist for meditation retrests tooo.

    buddhist are neither pessimist – tho we recognise suffering, the fact of samsar, we are not opimists, but workists. every we dasy we plough the furrow of wholesome planting the seeds of renewal in the spring, cming after the glorious autumn colors to arise grow with the sheer fecund vibrance that is life ast its best, reached through paradoxical acceptance of it ‘adversities’/ oppoertunioties

    milan buddha ghosh


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