Day out in Leeds

Much as I like to ‘get away from it all’, travelling from home on holiday is not with out it’s anxieties. Commitments or lack of funds often mean that days in and around Leeds are all I can manage, and it’s often all that’s needed  to recharge my batteries: meet up’s, over a brew with friends new and old, some home spun philosophizing thrown in made a perfect summer, no doubt the weather will break as I am going away this weekend!

Here are some reminders how soaked in sun Leeds has been.



10 thoughts on “Day out in Leeds

  1. It looks really good. It took me ages just to figure out how to put a photo on my blog, so I don’t know if I could do this, but it’s encouraging to see what can be done. I was looking for the pic of the elaborate market ceiling, but maybe you never got round to taking it, distracted by delicious crepes.


    • Thank you Jean, it did take quite some time and there was the ‘help from friends’ I’m sure if you want to ‘we can work it out’ together ‘life is very short’, so is my memory, smight be best if we could ‘cook up’ a Suzette Crepe vid soon, The ceiling shot wasn’t great tho.


  2. I love the funky music and the way we never actually see the mysterious person who drank all that coffee, read those books, cuddled that cat! I’m intrigued too what the surprise might be for guessing all the places – I could only get Millennium Square and Bramley station. Nice one, Terry


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