Brushing up Microsoft Office skills in the Library – can be empowering !

Reacquainting myself with Microsoft Word in Headingley Library.

If you are feeling a little bit rusty in the admin department, why not pop down to your local library?  Grab a book from the shelf such as  ‘Word for Dummies,’  or  ‘Teach yourself Excel, ‘ – whatever takes your fancy and work through it using one of the libraries computers.  It’s amazing how much my confidence can be boosted by learning a few practical things and by brushing up skills.

If you’ve been out of work for a while, or working in a role where you didn’t need Microsoft Office skills it may seem daunting and maybe you feel deskilled. Yet within a really short amount of time you can reacquaint yourself or even start from scratch.

Not everyone has Microsoft Office on their home computers,  and not everyone has home computers!  The libraries are a wonderful resource – especially if money is tight.

Check out Leeds Libraries – sometimes you may have to book a computer.

Increasing knowledge and skills can help people feel empowered – if anyone knows any other free and easy ways to up-skill – please share !

Cheers Vicky 🙂

2 thoughts on “Brushing up Microsoft Office skills in the Library – can be empowering !

  1. Lovely post Vicky and reminder about how to manage brushing up or upskilling, economically, I used the library for book loan and computing for many years, at times it was that aim in getting reasonably presentable to get there, pick up emails etc that saved me from sinking into the doldrums!
    We are lucky in Leeds with the choice of public libraries as they are a dwindling national resource.National Library Day is usual in February don’t wait until then to give your support to keep them open.
    Books and on-line learning are part of my software skill development but my learning style benefits most with ‘help from friends’….mostly they give free!
    Cheers, Su


  2. I really love the library more and more – in the central library next to the town hall I like the exhibition space, where there’s generally something of interest, like the craft exhibition I blogged about. Also the discarded books pile in the art library where you can pick up expensive volumes of colour plates for a quid. We really need to look after our libraries. Thanks for reminding me. Terry


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