Recommended Reading: Virginia Woolf’s Diaries

An inspiring piece for writers; aspiring writers, bloggers and readers alike. Enjoy!

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Most successful writers do one or two things really, really well. Then there’s that small group of word magicians who can keep us riveted while recounting their trip to the greengrocer. Virginia Woolf firmly belongs among the latter. If you ever need proof, check out her diaries, where you’d be hard-pressed to find a non-mesmerizing sentence:


The heat has come, bringing with it the inexplicably disagreeable memories of parties, and George Duckworth; a fear haunts me even now, as I drive past Park Lane on top of a bus.

Diary entry from May 25, 1926

Beyond the mere pleasure of her prose, however, Woolf’s diaries contain so much wisdom, so much focused insight on the craft, and struggle, and pleasures of writing, that reading through any random entry is worth roughly 73 “How to become a better writer” articles. Case in point:

Yesterday I finished the first part of To the Lighthouse, and…

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4 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Virginia Woolf’s Diaries

  1. Interesting how her journal writing is like a blog. I used to do a lot of journal writing. I think I’ll go through my old note pads and see if anything stands out


  2. Virginia Woolf was one of those writers who helped me make sense of being an alienated teenager – even if everything around you is rubbish, if you can have a space in your mind where you can really notice things and be true to yourself, then it seems somehow you can survive. Amazing perceptiveness & descriptions. Thanks for reminding me of this. Terry.

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