What keep me well is saving some money/ munni in this 5 year long recession, being crafty, gladly to live from plentifulness not scarcity

How to Save Energy

Don’t throw out your old fridge or freezer, search the net for a man or electrician who will install a new thermostat, that’s usually the problem; thermostats cost around £30.
How much does a new fridge cost? I paid £250 in late 2000 – it only lasted 5 years; I use no fridge-freezer, partly now because of rising energy prices.

When buying new electrical appliances buy those as far as possible with energy rating efficiency A, not B, C, D or E.

Double triple quadruple glaze all your windows with either glass or plastic;
but search the net first for glazing that is sealed without any moisture in it.
You can glaze with heat stretchable plastic clear sheets, you can buy from a DIY/ Hardware store; its rather like cling-film. Using a hair-dryer to stretch tight and clear, once the film-plastic is attached to widow inner frames..

Install Secondary Glazing, or stretched plastic clear sheeting on the inside of your current double glazing so you have a 3rd barrier against the cold. Do this again if your window walls are wide enough for a 4th layer of glazing, in effect.

Could someone tell me if there is a way of making energy saving glass without removing and replacing current double glazing? Please email the website and let us know; so we can spread the word, of good practice. Probably mad, but is there a spray for windows that can treat ordinary glazing to make it energy-Efficient/ Saving?

I have made 3-4 inch thick Window Insulators from old sofa cushion, foam. I cover these with large plastic bags, because condensation can occur, but with these pressed up against the inside of the glass, there is far less. I use a stout plank to hold the window insulator against the glass behind the thick curtains.

Salvage old curtains that have been thrown out, as rubbish, in bins/ bin-yard, so often cloth is thrown out. Line your curtains 2 or 3 times, with salvaged discarded materials. I find velvet holds warm air in best. My own curtains have had 3 more sewn onto them – all these 3 extra layers were discarded curtains or sheets of cloths or a patchwork of smaller clothes, sewn together, completely free – bar the small laundry bill.

I have fitted thin slats of wood around my window frames with Velcro. The curtains are then edged with Velcro. The 2 stick together, with no gap between the rooms air and that cold air coming through the window from the outside. You could do the same.

An alternative, also done by me, is take large headed nails or screws, and nail the edges of curtains to the wall, or indirectly to a plan or strip of wood especially fitted for this purpose. I have left the head of screws or flat-topped nail a couple of millimetres out of the wall or plank, so as to make removal easier when the time comes. This also has the advantage, for light sleepers, of excluding early morning light and so promoting deeper sleep.

Turn down your thermostat by 1 or a few degrees. This will save you, I think it is at least 5 of your energy bill costs, it may be as high as 10% saving?

Claim your dues: if you are on certain benefits or a pensioner, an efficient boiler is greener, or loft insulation/ cavity wall insulation. Go to http://www.cab.org.uk to see which benefit claimants qualify for the Warm Home Discount.

How far do you want to go? The sky’s the limit:
Install trap doors covered in carpet and ensure they are very precise and closely fitting so there’s no gaps between doors and floors to prevent draughts. Then if they are used late at night and or your bedroom is upstairs then you can open up the trapdoor and the heat will rise up into your living room or bedroom so saving the cost of heating the room. These trapdoors are best made of string steel grills so that you just lift up the carpet and heat rises. This will only be worthwhile if, like me, you use only one room at a time, and most likely if you live alone.

Install an Energy-Efficient Wood Stove – the technology is enormously improved.
The exhaust fumes or most of it is recycled to burn the wood at high temperatures, creating less harmful emissions, as even the smoke is recycled and re-burnt, creating far less CO, CO2 emissions and other polluting or greenhouse gases. Please educate your young ones firmly not to go near the fire or play games near it as they can burn themselves.

At the same time beat the energy companies, by not using their nuclear gas coal fuels – instead scavenge your neighbourhood for waste wood. To prevent carcinogenic pollution please do not burn painted, varnished or wood with glue or plastic in it.
If you have a large garden then plant a coppice, you may know these are densely wooded areas of trees, whose trunks are cut regularly for bean poles, pea-sticks basket weaving etc. and firewood. These coppice woods are cut every few years so that a stool of stumps sprouts more young trunks or poles. These are used for plant supports e.g. runner beans or sunflowers or cut into logs for firewood. There are sustainable suppliers of organic green fuel logs just search the net, for local supplier to reduce emissions.

Join an energy smart club. Use a a clockwork radio care of freeplay.com South African one employs disabled people factory

Lobby the Government for things like 8 watt energy light bulbs, industrial and domestic,
a light bulb that lasts 40 years and that uses even less energy-efficient.

Solar powered Security lights can be bout e.g. ROLSON QUALITY PIRI LIGHT £25-00

LEDs as far as possible use these a instead of a 40 watt light bulb. 60 watt bulbs have been banned now I understand by Govt. law,

Get informed, see Friends of the Earth for update website http://www.friendsoftheearth

Go to social media for environmental campaigns. Never give up on the planet. No one can lose and we can stop further storms, floods, destruction if we band together and lobby the Govt. write to our MPs.

Use solar, kinetic and solenoid as well as wind up torches, clocks, radios, TV even. Keep searching the net, or get a younger or friend to to find and buy these devices, but also avoid fraud. Consult Friends of the Earth for a list of reliable suppliers.

E-mail milanholbeckestan@yahoo.com so I can compile a list, and rewrite or re-blog this article, so helping others save money, and the earth from the destructive power of greenhouse gases – the greenhouse effect is much worse than was previously thought (news reports Late March 2014).

Please sell your junk on giffgaff.com gumtree.com to pay for any new torches, glazing etc. LED lights which are a fraction of a watt, a fraction of the energy that devices normally require if we use only what we need with only enough reserves, then our mind becomes lucid, and content. We are happier more often. It will cost you nothing or a nominal fee to clarify the house that is your mind.

Consider giving up your TV. Is the BBC really value for money with so many fat-cat salaries and too many managers, who can’t stop bullying or stop sexual abuse by celebrities. The latter is entirely possible, so are proportionate wages, not salaries.
My view is that once you pay people so much after a certain amount they get complacent and do a bad job neglecting good practices. Equal ops the Beeb is not.
If you do give up your TV you’ll have more time, a clearer, a happier mind, you’ll do more productive things by yourself, and with others, you’ll save energy get more exercise, and you can still watch TV on the net, for no fee.

Do more exercise. Could you go for a brisk walk for even 29 minutes, either to get away from some annoying relation, friend or other? The walk can be enjoyed for its own sake or used as a healthy interlude, to use the situation of irritation more objectively. No one’s your father, or your PE teacher, it up to you. If you are to take up exercises then do it slowly; the adrenalin rush can mean trips, falls, muscles strung or in spasm so please do a little less than the adrenalin tells you. Toxins needs time to move out of your tissues muscle nerves, if you do it on a slow start warm up your mind will be clearer and happier. And you will sustain it – no need to be an athlete, half a miles walk is an achievement for many. Even 20 press-ups, not done at top speed get your heart beating and the circulation healthy you feel warm fit and glad you did, for at least 10 minutes double it to have 20 minutes warmth and feel the coursing blood. I do this at least 3 times a day, and I have arthritis of the left foot.

Put on more layered clothes. Mine are salvaged from the street. Clothes have got more expensive even in charity shops, even before the Recession, and its amazing what quality people chuck out. Ensure the clothes are not too tight otherwise breathing and feet and joints are restricted this is uncomfortable. Use fingerless hand mitts/gloves to keep warm and wear more clothes in layers, more air is trapped between layers of clothing, and this is what insulates your body from the cold.

Bedding. Find a manufacturer of really warm duvets for Autumn and Winter.
Find a space blanket that doesn’t tear; if you find these 2 things let me know: milanholbeckestan@yahoo.com

For your mind to conserve energy learn to relax, then later meditation. This is not a religious thing, it is simply to process the junk in your mind – unnecessary worry, lack of confidence, anxiety, thus then to appreciate beauty, and all the good things in life, for scarcity is in our mind. Society is unfair, and it should be so – do write to your MP, in the meantime we can cultivate contentment. My life is adverse with noisy neighbours yet I am one of the happiest people you could meet.

Funnily enough exercise can make your thoughts clearer, fears less and give you enthusiasm, meditation does all these things, and more. Meditation is about happiness increased beyond what you think happiness could be. Finally cultivate anything wholesome exercise, good friends meditation, gratitude to you mother and father, no matter how cruel they were, they can reform themselves to wise kindness and so can you, I have indeed. I am no one’s enemy and thus have great energy even in adversities.

Meditation and the friendly conversations of fellow meditators can help us really see how much we have materially even if we are poor or poorer than we used to be. These meditation-al conversations can help us be grateful for things and sky the clouds the trees the beauty everywhere even in industriality, even in the ugly.

Learn Tibetan thermo-generating meditation!
No! only a joke, for most of us, but for some its real – there is a Danish snow walker who walks great marathons, he learnt to conserve his energy by mind over body, consciously withdrawing blood and heat into his body’s core or centre. He learnt this technique form Tibetan Buddhist meditation teachers. I saw it on Channel 4 a few years back, he walks across Iceland for 10s of miles, completely naked. And never gets ill. Amazing!!

Be environ-mental save the planet and save mooney, find more freedom, be happy.Thank you for taking the time and trouble to set up saving energy – and money.

Please email milanholbeckestan@yahoo.com with any welcome comment or feedback; there’s only feedback, never failure

Milan Buddha Ghosh.


1 thought on “What keep me well is saving some money/ munni in this 5 year long recession, being crafty, gladly to live from plentifulness not scarcity

  1. HI Milan, what an inspiring blog. We do live in a disposable culture these days and I agree that this cannot be good for the planet. I switched on the news the other day to hear that we are now in the ‘man made era of climate change!’ Which doesn’t sound good.
    I just look at the changes in my life time and yes, we live in a disposable world. I felt sad the other day as whilst at my brother’s he showed me a mug which had belonged to my Granddad. Why, did it make me feel sad? Because it was so him, and really a sign of the times – it was a free mug which had TSB on it and the handle must have broken at one point and he had glued it back on! How many people glue handles back on?
    I know a counter argument may be that this disposable culture provides jobs – i.e. if everyone glued the handles back on mugs – we wouldn’t buy new ones! But this cannot be worth so much carnage to the planet. I am shocked at the waste I put out for one person.
    I am saddened by the amount of cars with one person in them chugging away down Otley Road and I worry for my health.
    Thanks for your tips. I am not sure that I would nail my curtains to the wall though! 🙂

    Thanks Vicky


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