If you’re feeling at a loose end, why not try a Meetup in Leeds?

Meetup helps people get together in real life. There are many groups in Leeds and it’s free!

Meetup is an online international social networking site which enables people to set up social groups in their local area. Meetup in Leeds has a lot to choose from including: Walking, Cinema, Bookcrossing and Photography groups. It’s free to join although sometimes the group owner may charge a small fee towards their subscription costs.

Meetup was set up in New York after 9/11. It was observed that during this very sad time a sense of community had developed. People began to enquire as to how each other were. This sense of community inspired a technologically minded group of people to set up a social networking site – to use the internet to get people off the internet!

A friendly chat with someone can do wonders to improve our mood and sometimes it’s really important to have some fun too!  One of the aims of Leeds Wellbeingweb is to blog about cheap or free activities and events which people can access to improve their wellbeing.

Keep checking in for more ideas,

Vicky 🙂

2 thoughts on “If you’re feeling at a loose end, why not try a Meetup in Leeds?

  1. Vicky I’m just amazed that so much is going on! Not only so many and varied groups, but so many people involved! It’s like there’s a hive of activity going on out there all the time! This is a fantastic resource and a brilliant idea to put all this information together. Thank you! Terry


  2. Great post! Meetup is such a useful idea, maybe since the Wellbeing training group bonded so well we could do a mini version, certainly up for meeting for a cuppa/workshop now and again, We have so many lovely cafes, pubs and bars in Leeds,many with wi-fi.
    Lite Night is coming up, early October as is Leeds Film Festival.


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