Happy Yorkshire Day

My name is Ruth, I am from Leeds originally and love living here. My aim for this course is to be able to share some of the places that mean a lot to me and things I notice when I’m out and about that make me think and make me feel positive. One of my favourite things about this city is that it is full of contrasts- and even in the city centre you are never far from something green- parks, trees or flowers.

As part of the course today we had a lovely walk around taking photographs of the surrounding area. These particular photos were taken in the oldest part of the hospital. We enjoyed walking around and admiring the architecture and noting how it contrasts with the more modern buildings and other newer parts of the hospital. Today is Yorkshire Day and someone has placed a flat cap on the statue to commerate this which made me smile. 🙂 I loved spotting the intricate details within the hospital, such as the beautiful flooring and the high ceilings.


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