widgets and tag clouds

While recently being housebound with a cold, boredom set in, since the accompanying conjunctivitis limited both computing and reading to limited periods of time, a slump into  low mood followedI …….the ‘what ifs’ of catastrophic thinking,………what if it’s something worse! …don’t get better?..never able to read or use a computer again? …..one or two days in pyjamas  can be therapeutic but ‘five days straight’? all like an ‘115th dream’ …..nightmare!. Perhaps previous experience of  mental distress make me vulnerable to this type of mood slump, I don’t have any answers,…… often times though a snooze, snatched during the day in my armchair, or the usual  overnight sleep, finds me awaken refreshed to enable me find an enjoyable pastime or a solution to whatever was troubling me. This week it was my inquisitiveness about ‘Tag Clouds’ and’Widgets’!! and the challenge of an assignment deadline which pushed my mood to lift……. Oh! I wonder what that button does……Tag clouds disappeared…….fortunately one of the other ‘administrators’ retrieved it/them…….pending further training…..but in the meantime I’ve branched out to try creating my own blog, where I can’t cause too much damage,…..it’s quite easy to design a page as Word Press have a large number of free design templates, mostly just a case of knowing the right  buttons to click!

When I’m clearer what I want the content of my blog to be I may publish.