Moon before Yule

Yule Moon.

In different latitudes and seasons the monthly moon is given varying names, here in UK Christians long ago called this months seasonal luminary, the Moon before Yule, others called it the Long Night Moon or Cold Moon, however my viewing of it on Monday this week, was as it as a warm yellow globe, casting it’s glow across  the late afternoon’s sunlit skies of Bramley. My little bloggie camera did it’s best to capture the show, as dusk clouds threatened  to conceal it, ….chance to sit and watch natural Christmas lights…a pause from what often seems a very stressful time of year.

Whichever Winter Festival you observe, my favourite is Solstice on the 21st/22nd December, or whatever custom you partake of at least the closing of the shops for…one or two days! it may give an opportunity to reflect on that perennial question, what might I do differently or anew next year?

Winter Solstice fire

Blessed be, Peace!


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