Light Bulbs


Reduce your heating lighting bills, save money and save the planet; and thus be happier by karmic wholesome choices I invite you to – it is win-win-win.

I had some en-light-en-ment recently (GROAN!)

I had a spark in my head…..

it said…..

            “replace your energy saving

            light-bulbs to even lower

            wattage light-bulbs.”

Karma is well-being including energy / environment saving / lower Carbon emissions / energy bills for those who choose to make the effort of wholesome change. Life is for living. Folks usually misunderstand karma as negative consequences only. Actions, including spoken words, have consequences, it is often said. However, what people forget is that wholesome choices = karmas, consequences that make us happy and contented. In other words, we create our own life’s satisfaction happiness and well-being. I live my life that way now.

So, please save yourself money and the planet and take the following advice.

1) Take out your old light-bulbs. Look for the wattage – they should range from 100 watt down to 40 watt (old bulb) to 14 or even 11 watts per energy saving bulb. You’re doing well, if you get lower than 11 watts (the print on bulbs can be very small so look carefully. Incidentally if you feel like writing to the manufacturer then please do to increase the font size, as far as possible, so that sight-disabled people can read it and benefit from the energy-saving light-bulbs)

2) Order online. Search for ”energy-saving bulbs Leeds UK”; there are 20 Leeds in the world hence the UK bit addition. I’ve got mine as low as 3 watts . This means the bulbs are so efficient that they produce hardly any heat and over 95 percent heat. The reverse of the old story/bulbs! Fantastic!

3) Replace your bulbs and give the old energy-saver bulbs (if lower than your neighbours) to a neighbour.

Your health, your wealth saved!

Please go to British Gas, or any other energy supplier company that you use, in order to get free light-bulbs – or contact the ‘Green Doctor’, see details below.

Conclusions: Reduce your heating lighting bills, save money and save the planet; and thus be happier by karmic wholesome choices I invite you to – it is win-win-win.

For information on alternative Green Deal Schemes you can visit The Energy Saving Trust website or call the Energy Saving Trust helpline on 0300 123 1234, who can help you in all sorts of ways. For instance there are grants and subsidies available covering a wide range of measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation, energy efficient heating and other energy saving measures.

Warm Homes Service grants for insulation and heating measures are available to owner occupiers or private rented tenants, living in Leeds, who are suffering from illnesses or have disabilities aggravated by cold and damp conditions. Contact the Warm Homes Service on 0113 391 8336 for further information.

The Green Doctor, run by Groundwork Leeds, provides face to face advice to vulnerable households on energy efficiency, grants and other environmental issues. They also supply and install measures such as draught excluders, energy efficient light bulbs, pipe lagging and reflective radiator panels for free. Contact the Green Doctor on 0113 238 0601 or email

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that allows you to make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front.

Wrap Up Leeds ECO is a partnership between Leeds City Council, Keepmoat, Wilmott Dixon and SSE. Since July 2013, Wrap Up Leeds ECO has helped hundreds of Leeds householders to cut their fuel bills by installing cavity and solid wall insulation, loft insulation and boiler replacements. However, it is now closed to new applicants. We will soon announce our new partnership to help you to heat your home for less.  To preregister please call us on 0113 3950757.

The government has issued a simple guide to access help and information. The guide aims to help householders towards lower bills and warmer homes.

by Milan Buddha Ghosh