Citizen’s survey-Leeds Digital Thing

I like the term citizen  since it evokes for me, memories of  tales during the French Revolution, when comrades greeted each other as ‘Citizen’, although thankfully times are more peaceful, at least in Leeds, are you willing to be an active citizen, and stand up and be counted?

There are still many uncertainties in the present age which impact on our health, and warrant reassessment, does the digital revolution aid, hinder or reassure us of appropriate health care, as well as ensuring our privacy. Can we as citizens feel part of safeguarding each others rights?

How useful is the digital revolution in addressing these concerns? does data collection threaten our privacy? do we allow ourselves to become commodities when we share our likes and dislikes on various social networking sites or blogs?

That’s a lot of questions! but perhaps they will get people thinking about the power of their voice, ….vote and get involved in the decision making process.

Leeds Digital Festival gives you, as citizens of Leeds, a chance to say how you think information about your health could be better stored and shared.

If you care you can follow Leeds Data Thing on Twitter @#aboutmeleeds  and join in the conversation during the remainder of the festival

Leeds Digital Festival 21-27th October, (a group who focus  on data innovations in Leeds, meet regularly throughout the year.)

if you want to take part in their on-line survey

OR ALTERNATIVELY down load the form and send by post

You might like to follow the blog Co-producing digital mental healthto see how it’s author Victoria Betton, Deputy Director of Partnerships & Innovation at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, answers  the question

‘…why would you care who knows what about you anyway?’