Free concerts at the Howard Rooms

I saw a brilliant concert one recent Friday evening, when the Palestinian singer Reem Kelani sang at the Howard Assembly Rooms. She kept an audience of a couple of hundred people entertained for over an hour with songs from all over the middle east, with quite a bit of musical and other history thrown in for good measure. The most amazing thing was it was completely free. The Assembly Rooms are part of the newly refurbished Leeds Grand Theatre, and the regular concerts there range from fairly cheap to moderately pricey. But every so often for reasons I can’t quite fathom, you get the chance to see brilliant musicians for free. It’s really worth checking out if, like me, music is crucial to your well-being, but you can’t afford to see a lot of live music. The next free stuff at the Howard Rooms is on May 12th, when there’s a session on Opera’s Greatest Duets, and a Sacred Harp Singing Workshop. You just have to go to the box office at the Grand and ask for a ticket.