Free writing workshop at the Royal Pump Museum in Harrogate

Pump House Harrogate

Pump House Harrogate. The copyright on this image is owned by John Tomlinson and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Something else for free, for anyone who can get to Harrogate on Saturday – the great Yorkshire poet Char March is running a free writing workshop at the Royal Pump Room Museum. The workshop runs from 2pm-4.30pm on Saturday 29th September – taking inspiration from the bizarre ‘health’ treatments that the Victorians subjected themselves to! You’ll get to handle bits of pump room equipment, learn about the geology of the area, and the multitude of ways our ancestors decided that purging themselves with foul-smelling water would be terribly good for them!

There’s an exhibition on at the Pump Rooms that the group will be working with, so feel free to arrive early and have a good look at that before the workshop if you fancy. Tell staff on the door that you’re coming for Char’s writing workshop, and you’ll get into the museum FREE.

Please do book in advance though by dropping an email to: