It’s Blue Monday, how can we lift ourselves?

It’s Monday the 18th January, apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year with the festivities over and the weather gloomy. Not to mention, this year’s added extra of a global pandemic with lockdown restrictions. How do we get through the day?

The Samaritans have cleverly changed the name to ‘Brew Monday’ rather than Blue Monday, encouraging a chat and a cuppa, which can be a tonic especially if one is spending too much time alone, stuck in a cycle of negative thinking, or just feeling a bit meh! I guess they mean a virtual chat and cuppa this year.

It takes a real conscious effort for me to identify my needs, they are often obscured by lots of inner talk about what I should be doing. How is it for you? What I need is often buried yet can be so simple, such as today I feel the need to connect with someone, have a bit of light relief, a chatty phone call and a laugh. I feel quite positive whilst I’m writing this, maybe because I’m tapping into my needs. Reading about Blue Monday or Brew Monday has encouraged me to check myself. Acknowledging that today is renowned for its difficulty gives me pause for thought, what do I need today? Some fun ! 80’s music? 🙂

What do you need? What do you want?

We’d love your comments, whether it’s on the blog or out Facebook page.

Thanks for reading x

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