Take Up A Musical Instrument

We Listen To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)

DSC_6810Mary’s message today is pretty simple she wants everyone to take up a musical instrument. She wants you to know you would enjoy instrument playing. Music puts us in a higher vibration and playing one is so much fun! I luckily was exposed to the piano at early age by my mother and a music system at school before budget cutbacks so I had so many options growing up. I rarely refused any chance to learn a new instrument or sing in a choir. I loved learning them and singing so much.  I had a difficult childhood and I didn’t know it at the time they helped me stay positive. I have loved playing music and singing  over the years. I am now teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is too. You forget your problems of the day…

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8 thoughts on “Take Up A Musical Instrument

  1. Hi Daniel thanks for linking to this interesting site. I do believe music,singing and playing an instrument can aid spiritual practise. I’d be interested to know more about how you learned to play the organ or any other instruments. Cheers.

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  2. Thanks Sue. I learnt to play first through spending a long time working out a few notes of songs I liked at the time, then much later, through jamming with others

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    • When and if you feel able I think that would make an interesting topic for a blog, because it must take some tenacity to teach yourself an instrument. I like the idea of jamming for that too being something you do collectively and has significant meaning for your wellbeing. Mastering the guitar sufficiently well to sing-a-long-with-bob (not in person) is on my bucket list! S.M.

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  3. The tenacity came from the enthusiasm. I might write about jamming. I know a few guitarists who are Dylan fans, I could ask which songs (in their opinion) to start with

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