Sun Rises

Hello.  I wrote the original version of this to go to some music.  I don’t think the recording will still be around and I can’t remember how the music went.  Never mind!  Here is the poem.


Sun rises over the earth

Life sprouts forth

Sun showers gifts to all.

Clouds give way

Blue skies of


Ripened fruit

Shiny globes of joy

Winking in golden haze.


By Daniel Tavet

2 thoughts on “Sun Rises

  1. Thanks Daniel we really appreciate your ongoing support and contributions. What a lovely pic and poem for an all shades of grey day! Yes we sure need those “shiny globes of joy” and some “winking in the golden haze”……was the music for a song? It might make a good one? Spring is on it’s way sothere is much to look forward to.Sue 🙂

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  2. Thanks Sue, indeed! Yes I wrote it to go to a short bit of mellow music that we only played once, it was improvised. The recording’s unlikely to still be around, so no one will remember it, it was a while ago.


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