Silence in the snow, the rain
Silence in the sun rays and darkness

Then gently, things start to happen…


One person plays football
The other walks by
One person talks to friends
The others have snowball fights.


That patch of land sees more than we’ll know.
Now, a cat comes by
Unaware of the foxes to follow far behind.


To a place that is part of history
hidden in the wake of actions
of people and animals that pass.
And on into extinction.

That patch of land stays the same
Through millennia and century.
Animals evolve and the earth turns.


Romans have walked where
Greeks have wondered where
Dinosaurs have trampled

images (1)

And all on this land you call home…

By 1blog3

Photo sources:-

1. Seattle Municipal Archives – Boy kicking football, 1920 – Item 31106, Ben Evans Recreation Program Collection (Record Series 5801-02), Seattle Municipal Archives      – accessed 22.11.2014

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