Love Arts – The Big Conversation

Love Arts Conversation

Love Arts Conversation

The Love Arts Festival is nearly upon us again.  The festival launches on 15th October, so be prepared for exhibitions, poetry, plays and more special events, all with a mental health, creativity and arts theme.

There’s something new this year: the Love Arts Conversation is a festival-flavoured conference which will take place on 21st & 22nd October 2014 in Leeds City Centre.

The idea behind the Love Arts Conversation is to get you talking about the arts, creativity and mental health.  There will be structured conversations alongside creative presentations, performances, workshops, and films by artists and organisations who are doing great work already and want to spread the word.  All art forms will be on offer – you’ll get the chance to make stuff, dance, watch films and theatre performances and all sorts of wacky things.

The conference is for everybody: artists, academics, NHS workers, arts organisations, carers, people who’ve used mental health services, commissioners, anyone with an interest in the issues.  So if you want to have your say, or just find out what everyone else is talking about, the Love Arts Conversation will be the place to be.

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