The Asda 10K run tomorrow – Raising funds for Leeds Mind and a personal achievement

The annual Leeds 10K, inspired by the late Jane Tomlinson,  starts tomorrow at 09.30 from Millennium Square and New Briggate.

Sunday 22nd July – a date which seemed so far away when I first signed up for this run, is finally here!  I’m not sure if I am excited about it or dreading it. Surprisingly though I think I’m leaning towards excitement (at the moment that is!)  This is my first long run.  My tag line has always been ‘I’m not a natural runner.’  eek !

Here is the  route – it’s going to be a great atmosphere.  Come down and join the crowds, everyone is welcome to cheer us on !

Leeds 10K – 2014



I’m running with a team from Leeds Mind. (We’ll be in the Leeds Mind running vests – you can’t miss us.)  We are raising funds which will go towards the recruitment and retention of volunteers.  If you would like to donate some money please see our Just Giving Page – Leeds Mind run the 10K. 

I’d also just like to add that I feel the training has had a quite a big impact upon my emotional well-being. The release of endorphins seem to make me feel a little bit more optimistic, which can have quite a profound effect upon my thinking.

Jane Tomlinson would have celebrated her 50th birthday earlier this year.  What a legacy she left behind, she was and her memory is so inspiring.

Thanks – Vicky


4 thoughts on “The Asda 10K run tomorrow – Raising funds for Leeds Mind and a personal achievement

  1. Thanks everybody – I did it, we did it! It was fantastic. I took it slowly and because it was quite flat it was okay. Although it was super hot and so I poured lots of water over my head. (Not very glamorous!)


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