Stop press – Medieval Congress – Sunday 6th-11th July

‘They’re off’!  Le Grand Depart race has left Leeds city centre,on the first leg of its three week, Paris bound, race. Hopefully visiting spectators will linger a while to taste all our city offers.. Leeds already has a permanent, culturally diverse population, but this additional influx of visitors has enriched us further. Entente cordiale has been much in evidence during the last few weeks, not only between the French and English, but towards the visitors from other distant shores. Another group of both national and international visitors are set to descend on our town tomorrow!  The group are medievalists who will be attending their annual congress, hosted by the  University of Leeds.


You, the members of the public, are invited to attend some of the  sessions which are held  over the  following six days, Sunday 6th July to Friday 11th July.

Why not mingle with the throng,

Another time and place

Another time and place

be transported to another time and place? Rub shoulders with artisans, food hawkers, musicians and birds who will demonstrate their skills, or ply their wares on campus.

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The medieval period of history in Europe was a lengthy one, spanning from the 5th to the 15th century. Also commonly referred to as the Middle Ages it was considered to have three distinct phases. Early (Dark Ages), High and Late Middle Ages.Anglo-French connections were important influences of this period of European history. The  French language being one of three languages favoured by the English aristocracy and scholars.

Several of the public events throughout the congress will be free, but may need prior booking. Check out the programme here

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