Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Exhibition

If you haven’t already seen it the free exhibition of photographs ‘captured by the public and inspired by the wonderful wildlife all around us’ at Leeds City Museum is well worth seeing. It runs until 17 August and is split into various categories – animal behaviour, beautiful botany, beautiful Yorkshire, British wildlife, Leeds wildlife, wild Yorkshire & world wildlife.

There are some truly beautiful photographs, most of them clearly taken by people who know quite a bit about cameras & photograph, albeit members of ‘the public’. The winning shot of the Leeds & Liverpool canal I thought bore a resemblance to the photo Mike Bush once took for Leeds Wellbeing Web. And the ‘Ragged Hawthorn’ which is described as ‘an iconic shot’ of the Dales National Park were two that stood out. Also an extraordinary photo of a fox escaping with an egg in it’s mouth. If you love Yorkshire, or flowers, or wildlife then you’ll enjoy this.

You can check out all the winning images on Flickr
and follow the conversation about it on Twitter #NaturalBeauty2






4 thoughts on “Natural Beauty

  1. Looks lovely and well worth a visit. I recently spent a while watching a fox sun itself in the beautiful garden of Inkwell. He/she stretched his/her head right back and seemed so relaxed. Perhaps he/she also enjoyed the feeling of safe space that Inkwell has so warmly created.



  2. Thanks for your comment V. Yes Inkwell is a lovely place. But I’m sad they’ve lost that lovely carved wooden lion that used to roar in the far corner. I thought that was quite something.


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