Teatime fun

Optimum Health and Wellbeing for all is the aim of the Phoenix Health and Wellbeing charity. They offer complimentary therapies and counselling to people with lived experience of mental and physical health issues. People currently in good health are also welcomed! Being able to talk in ‘spaces’ we feel safe , or being touched therapeutically are great aids in maintaining the good health we may have worked hard to achieve.

On the afternoon of the 10th of May from 1pm Phoenix are inviting you to attend their fun fundraising launch event. (it’s at their central Leeds location, close to the Town Hall).

Tasty afternoon treats will be served along with ‘tasters’ of some of the complimentary therapies they usually offer. Cost of entrance is £5 for adults, and £2 for children. If you have never had a therapeutic massage, a short massage of your hands can be a reassuring and nice introduction.


afternoon tea phoenix

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