Light out of Darkness

Alternative decorations at ArtlinkOn 11th December the Arts and Minds Network celebrated the idea that creativity can be a light in the darkness.  It was a winter (not Christmas) celebration with a twist.  Yes, there were mince pies, but we also had the chance to turn our hand to creative writing, with the expert guidance of Linda Lewis.

The event was held at Artlink, so of course there had to be something arty to do.  In this case, we decorated the front room with something other than fairy lights and tinsel.  Instead we created snowflakes using tissue paper, adding cellophane and sequins for a bit of colour and feathers for some texture, and then laminated the result.  Voila! Perfect for hanging in the window.  In our case, we hung them from a teepee frame or put them on an overhead projector and shone it on the wall – as seen in the photos above and below.

Fun with overhead projectorsArts and Minds usually often hold their events in conjunction with some of the other creative or mental health related organisations they work with.  In this case, I’d never been to Artlink before, so it was great to find out about the sort of things they do, from drop-in art sessions to partnerships with learning disability and mental health groups.

It was also great to catch up with with people I hadn’t seen for a while, and pick up the latest Arts and Minds newsletter, hot off the press.  I had a good afternoon, and actually felt calmer and more festive when I left.  I think it was playing with sequins and tissue paper that did it.  So thank you Arts and Minds and Artlink.

3 thoughts on “Light out of Darkness

  1. Hi – what a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it and I felt the calm! I wish i had gone, i’d planned to – but my day didn’t pan out that way. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I love the photos too x Vicky


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