A letter from ‘Love Your Liver’

We get lots of interesting e-mail at Leeds Wellbeing Web, and this one seemed worth passing on, particularly with the season being what it is. I followed their links and did the ‘liver health checker test’ – it seems my diet may contain too many foods/drinks that are high in fat and/or sugar, and I was advised to find an activity like dancing, brisk walking or swimming. Apparently typing doesn’t count. Anyway, they are looking for people to get involved, and will be coming to Morrison’s in Hunslet on the 16th January. here’s the full text of the letter:
Dear Leeds Wellbeing Web Team,
I have been following your blog and as a have been interested in your focus on sharing your experiences to aid others reach a good state of health and well being through a number of avenues. So, I wanted to get in touch about Love Your Liver – the annual liver health campaign by the British Liver Trust, supported by Eisberg alcohol free wine.

 The campaign is now in its third year and in January 2014 we’ll once again be taking to the road and running pop up liver health clinics nationwide. (full information below)

We will also be encouraging people to take the three step challenge:

  • Take two or three days off alcohol per week
  • Get regular exercise
  • Cut down on sugar and fat

I thought that this campaign would be of interest to you and your readers and we hope to see you during the tour at Morrison’s Leeds Hunslet store LS10 2AP.

On another note, we’re looking for real life stories in each of the tour areas to help spread the word and wondered whether you could help? Would any of your writers be interested in trailing the 3 step challenge and having a liver health test, or do you know anyone in your network who would like to be involved?

 The full information about the tour and the campaign is below and a link to our registration form is here.

 In the meantime, if you would like to test your own liver health, why not our first online liver health checker here?

Kind Regards, Ellie 


Take the three-step challenge to good liver health and join the British Liver Trust for the UK’s biggest pop-up liver health tour.

Who:    The British Liver Trust, Eisberg alcohol free wine, Morrisons supermarkets and Fibroscan

What:   Pop up liver health clinics, offering the public free health advice, the chance to undergo a non-invasive Fibroscan liver test and sample Eisberg alcohol-free mulled wine.

Where and When:

One day liver health clinics will be popping up across the UK in January 2014, visit us and get your liver tested at:

 ·         Tue 14 January  – Edinburgh Livingston store EH54 6BD

·         Wed 15 January – Newcastle Byker store NE61DJ

·         Thu 16 January– Leeds Hunslet store LS10 2AP

 ·         Tue 21 January – London Camden store NW1 8AA

·         Wed 22 January – Bristol Cribbs Causeway store BS10 7UD

·         Thu 23 January – Cardiff Cardiff Bay store CF11 0JP

·         Fri 24 January – Birmingham Small Heath store B10 0XA

 For further information, visit www.loveyourliver.org.uk


2 thoughts on “A letter from ‘Love Your Liver’

  1. Thanks for signposting us to the ‘love your liver’ checker, like many other parts of our body we don’t appreciate it until it starts to give us problems, however the liver has an amazing ability to renew itself, http://www.pacifichealth.com/protocols/liver.html, it’s useful not to take it for granted and heed the recommended preventative measures, avoid being a ‘Wallflower’….do the boogaloo, foxtrot or military two step, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67eAIIcdCP0 but avoid the ‘Last Waltz’, not quite brisk enough! 🙂 Su


  2. I am grateful to the person who posted love your liver… it’s a great big dark red purple detoxifying organ. I’m a little shocked that no one else expressed a like.
    love yourself, love your body.
    for an Oriental – orientated man, interested in Buddhism, yoga, martial arts, gardening, walking exercise of gardening, see Environmental Gardening blog, I know the mind is the body, and v.v
    It really doesn’t have to be hard,
    start with positive substitution: dark choc full of antioxidants, rather than added veg fat, just eat, a little bit more everyday, go middle way; start with 1 piece of raw i.e. fresh fruit and veg a day, then after a week or 2 up it to 2, until you’re up to 5.
    Health – its all possible, it doesn’t have to be a chore, good habits sink in, they are absorbed, this is my experience.
    roasted and dry roasted foods stress the liver, anbd they have too much salt. substitute freshh uncooked nuts, good brain food by the way, full of Zince and other trace metals needed for your whole nervous system, – metals for this ‘wiring’.


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