Pecking Order

Just at home, got a bit of internet time, which I don’t normally have.  Thought you might like another poem.

Pecking Order


A forty-something male

Gave a patronising smile

To Dean

A twenty-something male

Smug in his belief

That his age made him wiser

And his class

More human.

Dean covered up his indignation

At the staid hoary suit.


The grey pinstripes

Of a man with no blood.

See him tower

Over the powerless

Or those with wide eyes

And lolling mouths.

“Automatic good manners

Serves a purpose,”

Says George,

“It goes back to the Normans

Kept the peasants in check.”

Dean was a stranger here

And thought best to do as the Romans.

Once business was done

He’d soon be home

Playing computer games

And smoking dope.

But George

Had a hard day’s work ahead

And was dependent on trainees.

“Where’s my temp with the nose stud?”

He muttered.

She was in the car park

Smoking roll-ups


What to make Dean

For his tea.

Daniel Tavet(c)

8 thoughts on “Pecking Order

      • I’m fine Daniel, here I am replying from LWW although I am aka Su Renud as well as using a few other Su Dynims, that s fun, but I often get confused who I am too, I have not made the switch to HTC, do you take pics with it?, look forward to more poems or other posts from you. 🙂 Su


          • Hi Daniel, Yes I carry my Bloggie everywhere! which is why I want upgrade my phone to include all features, I’m told as long as it’s more than 6 pixels it’s adequate, perhaps we could do some pics to go with your poems, maybe include in next blog workshops? We hope to be at Inkwell Social Media Cafe next Tuesday 12th, 3.30 – 5 if you need any help with any blog posts. Take care. 🙂


            • Hi Sue, funnily enough, I was thinking about putting some pictures on the blog. I’ll try and get to the Inkwell session, thanks for letting me know about that. Daniel

              Sent from my HTC


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