Festival additions: Singing and Resilience

I’m pleased to see that two additions to the Love Arts Festival accommodate the participation of people whose availability might be limited during the Festival, or if they can’t attend at all.

Giving Voice for Peace, October 17


The idea is to get you singing, using your voice

“learning to use song to promote peace in your home,  your life, and in the world”

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, The National Foundation or Giving Voice invites you to participate at a distance (wherever you are!) in Giving Voice for Peace:

You will need to have a phone conversation with Rachel before and after the session, and you will be sent a CD or tape to work with between 7.30 and 8.30pm on 17th October,….. hopefully there is still time to do this ahead of the event.

 Giving Voice say you don’t need to be able to sing – in fact if you think you can’t, you may be at an advantage.

RESILIENCE 21st – 27th October, Leeds Met Broadcasting Place

This week long event, on a subject close to my heart, because of it’s impact on emotional and mental  wellbeing, will explore the topic through art, discussion and food sharing, it is a collaboration with Leeds Met staff and students, the show will explore how we must all be resilient to face life’s challenges. But is it so simple? Go along if you can to one or all sessions, ..see what conclusion you reach and maybe blog a post for us?


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