Love Arts Festival – The Word Emporium

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I’m volunteering again with Love Arts, this time at The Word Emporium on Wednesday 16th October.  If anyone is interested, it’s an open-mic night for poetry, being held at Trinity Church on Boar Lane from 6.30pm.

I’ve just received my instructions as a volunteer, and I’m going to be responsible for keeping a tally of the scores awarded to the poetry participants, among other things.  Exciting!

The event is hosted by Rommi Smith, Writer-in-Residence for the Leeds York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Here are some more details:

“Hear the world-premiere of musician/composer Simon Beddoe’s dynamic and moving sound-scape of the stories, writings and conversations of the people who have been part of the residency’s journey. The night includes contributions from Leeds Survivors’ Writing Group and poems, (from their brand new e-book about hope), from The Baggage Handlers in collaboration with Flamenco music from celebrated guitarist, Samuel Moore.”

Looks like I’m in for a busy day tomorrow, as I’m helping out with a workshop there earlier on too.  You never know where volunteering can take you – it’s certainly helping me try new things and meet different people.

3 thoughts on “Love Arts Festival – The Word Emporium

  1. Thanks for the information Gillian, yes you better keep a beady eye on those voting counts! Good luck to all participants, flamenco sounds exciting too,
    Tomorrow is also Global Dignity Day, an event encouraging young people particularly to strive for self worth, ‘to lead a dignified life,opportunity to fulfill one’s potential, based on having a human level of health care, education, income and security’,
    Cheers, Sue 🙂


  2. It’s great that our local survivors poetry group is getting an outing. We’ve been around for 20 years this year, and there’ll be a stall of the books and pamphlets we’ve produced in that time. Proceeds will go to our next project – a book of poems by Stevie James. Terry


    • Quite an amazing feat to keep a group going for twenty years, well done!, looking forward to hearing more about the groups new e-book about Hope, such a vital part of wellbeing,perhaps you will give us the link please?


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