Chat and Create

Chat and Create   When I went to the Wellbeing Web training session last Tuesday I was interested to see unusual activity in the coffee bar at Swarthmore. There was a big paper tree spread over two tables, looking suspiciously like the colourful tree on the new Swarthmore brochure…

The Swarthmore Tree

The Swarthmore Tree

 and piles of flattened aluminium cans waiting to be made into leaves, based on artwork of people who’d contributed to the project via the Chat and Create sessions at Swarthmore and the recent Unity Day on Woodhouse Moor.

I’ve met Sue Bowden before and know her as a community arts worker, maker of stained glass & a planner of schemes to transform scruffy corners of the city into blooming gardens, so I wasn’t surprised to see her involved in this. It seems a winning combination. Who doesn’t like chatting? or creating? Plus the warm glow of recycling, and drinking Swarthmore tea…….

Summer sessions continue on Tuesday 3rd, 10th & 17th September from 10am – 12noon.

Then from September 24th the sessions will run Tuesdays 4pm – 6pm.


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