Social media surgery at Inkwell



I’m new to Leeds Wellbeing Web, just been getting logged on with help from Terry and Vicky.  Hope to post more soon.

The social media surgeries are every month on the second Tuesday, from 3.30 – 5pm.  And there is cake and coffee available!

2 thoughts on “Social media surgery at Inkwell

  1. There was quite a buzz there today. If you like Facebook, tweeting or any of the million other things that are out there now, or think you might do, given the chance, the social media café (as it’s now called in preference to the rather medical sounding ‘surgery’) then Inkwell every 2nd Tuesday is definitely a place where you’ll have fun and maybe learn something. By the way, after the recent ‘depressed cake stall’ success I was hoping these cakes might be from there, but the social media ones were quite cheerful in a tasty high calorie sort of way. Thanks for the post – hope you will get the bug and do many more. Terry


  2. HI welcome on board to another new blogger – you picked it up really quick. An example of what happens at the Social Media Surgery which is for anyone involved in Mental Health – people who work in it, people who have personal experience of it (lets face it most of us have!) and people who want to talk about it !!


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