Up-coming Chapel Allerton Arts Festivals

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival 2013, in Leeds is happening from:

Friday 30th August- Sunday 1st September.

On the Monday before (26th August), don’t miss the Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival!

Find out about this and more at Seven Arts Centre(Find 7 here).

Also to be found at Seven Arts: Poetry, Quizzes, Jazz nights, theatre productions…

Don’t miss out!

By A

3 thoughts on “Up-coming Chapel Allerton Arts Festivals

  1. I really like the variety of stuff that goes on at Seven. Although I think I ‘don’t get around much any more’, over the last year I’ve been to a couple of poetry readings there (Wicked Words), an evening of Sufi music, a monthly writing group, and a Sunday afternoon jazz session – all which were really good. Some friends go to the films there, and I once saw a one man theatre show that was great, so it’s really a good place to check out, whatever your taste in arty stuff. Thanks for the reminder. Terry


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