leeds well-being training day, a few photos from ‘mad’ Milan

I enjoyed the training in word-press/ well-being blog; I put everyone at ease with my happy, light, playful attitude. so no more words:

Old Chinese proverb: ”One [or 4] picture[s] is worth a 1000 words”

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New lands

I have re-blogged this from Mindfulbalance Blog as it is so beautiful and inspiring.



One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore

for a very long time.

Andre Gide

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The Orion Cafe, LS6 a lovely experience with great salad and coffee!

 Greek Salad at The Orion Cafe,  LS6.

If you fancy some Mediterranean food on a warm (or cold) evening,  I can recommend going Greek at Hyde Park Corner. I ordered a Greek Salad, which was so lovely I went back the following evening and ordered it again!

Orion has a charm about it.  It feels authentic, laid back and warm. The atmosphere along with the current heat wave made it easy to imagine that we were somewhere more exotic than Hyde Park Corner.  After dinner we attempted to put the world to rights whilst sipping Greek Coffee and sharing Halva!  It’s definitely worth a visit and salads are reasonably priced below £5.

Incidentally, I looked up  ‘Greek Coffee’  and found a splurge of articles written earlier in the year linking it to longevity. Whilst I tend to take claims of this kind with a pinch of salt, and understand there are mixed claims about coffee,  It certainly has made me think about swapping my Latte for a Greek !


PS. The photograph, wasn’t taken at the restaurant – but the cup did have the same cute filled-in handle!

🙂 Vicky

Leeds with hot weather, good for wellbeing? Or is it a double edged sword – take our poll!

It’s fabulous weather here in Leeds at the moment!  How does it affect your sense of wellbeing? Take our poll! 

leedsweatherjuly2013This amazingly beautiful weather can be a godsend but it can also act as a trigger and leave me feeling that I should be living a different life…

Over the last few days I have had an increased sense of relaxation and generally felt healthier and happier.   I’ve been eating more fruit and salads and my energy has increased.  I’ve been trying to harness this increase in energy and be more active – which has involved undertaking  a new morning ritual of a ‘Mini-run’  along with a spot of yoga, my own brand ( a few stretches in the flat! ).

However sunny days have also been known to trigger me into thinking that I should have my life more on track, more organised, more settled – just somehow different ! Perhaps perfect?  These thoughts come with the sense that if things were different that I could embrace the day in technicolor . In the past I have felt this acutely. A sunny day can sometimes bring sadness to the forefront.

Here’s a little poll to take part in, not to be taken too seriously – just a little bit of fun, and food for thought! 

Embracing the present regardless of problems… 

Living in the present, is something I strive for and practicing Mindfulness has helped me with this.  Noticing a beautiful flower, taking time to appreciate an exquisite fragrance and feeling the warm breeze on my skin can really help me appreciate the moment! (I even attempted wearing shorts yesterday, only to the nearby post box I hasten to add.)

Seasonal changes do influence my mood, being aware of this helps me remain objective and keeping a sense of stability is something I aim for.  I must admit I find this a much easier task in the sunnier months.  However at times, especially my younger self – has had the tendency to be a little bit too hyper with too much sun.  But  I do love the outdoor life  which seems so much easier to access in the sunshine.  I also adore the increased sense of community that comes with the summer months.


Wellbeing Web Training

DSC00232 We’d like to encourage more people to write, and share photos and films, about what it is that we enjoy and keeps us well living in Leeds, so we’re organising some days of training over the Summer to tell people about our blog, and help them get started blogging with us.

The first of these will be at Swarthmore Education Centre on Thursday 18th July from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The day will be free, and we’re looking for 10 volunteers who:

 Have lived experience of mental health problems

 Are passionate about wellbeing and want to share their experiences of improving and maintaining their own wellbeing in Leeds

 Have a basic computer skills e.g. email, browsing the internet, word processing

 Have an intention to upload material to the Wellbeing Web once the training period is over

 Are comfortable working with other people in small groups.

If you’re interested in joining, or you know anybody else you think might be, e-mail: leedswellbeingweb@gmail.com or phone Terry on 07929 421945. Places are limited, so please apply by Thursday 11th July. We’ll confirm your place on Friday 12th July.

We’d also like to hear from you if you can’t join us on that day, but would still like to be involved in some way – contact us and we’ll try and think of something. Perhaps you could write a guest blog about something you think is worth sharing?

You can also follow us on Twitter @Leedswellweb and it’s always great when people leave comments on blogposts.