Volunteers Get Together

Volunteers Get Together

This looks like a good chance to find out what Leeds Mind are up to – especially if you’re interested in some volunteering. I’m a bit intrigued what ‘Yummy Food’ might be, but it’s a clear promise. The garden at Clarence House will be great at this time of year, whatever happens, so there are worse things to do of an August Sunday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Volunteers Get Together

  1. Good point! Clarence House is in Horsforth, on Clarence Road off New Road Side (which is what Kirkstall Road becomes if you go far enough). You can get 4 buses an hour from Leeds Bus Station even on Sunday – the 33 (half past the hour), and 33A (5 past the hour) go from Stand 19, and the 757 airport bus (quarter past and quarter to) goes from stand 15. You can pick them up at various points along the Headrow too. You need to get off at Clarence Road near the top of the hill just before you get to the Ring Road – about 5 stops after Kirkstall Abbey.


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