Spurn Point, Holderness – a beautiful painting by Leeds Artist: Jo Dunn

A fantastic painting by Jo Dunn, it makes me feel peaceful, almost as I am there – watching the sunset and the city skyline from afar.

Jo Dunn

Spurn Point on the longest day – sunset and moonrise, 180 degrees apart. We went for an evening picnic. These paintings are from the landward-side near the Spurn Bird Observatory. Whenever I go to Spurn I wonder why I stayed away so long and I never want to leave.

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3 thoughts on “Spurn Point, Holderness – a beautiful painting by Leeds Artist: Jo Dunn

  1. Thanks Jo for letting LWW reblog, your work which is always so inspiring, since LWW follow your blog along with others of more wordy content in the Word Press ‘Reader’, they bring a breath of fresh sea air!


  2. beautiful painting, beautiful place – really otherworldly how it goes on and on with water on both sides. When I went there a couple of years ago I saw a pure white heron type bird on the mud flats – a ‘little egret’ probably wandered over from Europe. Thanks for reminding me of that! Terry


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