leeds well-being training day, a few photos from ‘mad’ Milan

I enjoyed the training in word-press/ well-being blog; I put everyone at ease with my happy, light, playful attitude. so no more words:

Old Chinese proverb: ”One [or 4] picture[s] is worth a 1000 words”

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8 thoughts on “leeds well-being training day, a few photos from ‘mad’ Milan

  1. I’m glad you made it today, despite probably wanting to be on your allotment in the sun. I like your slide show too, and the Chinese proverb. It reminds of what Lao Tzu said – ‘every picture tells a story, don’t it’ – o, sorry, that was Rod Stewart.


  2. Impressive slide show for your first contribution, look forward to seeing many more, I’m fond of a bit of Chinese myself…..;number 38 with rice’, …..my local sage at The Oriental told me people of the signs Dog and Tiger get on?


      • Sorry Milan, I often confuse…myself as well, astrology is confusing too, as an Aries I like ‘kidding’ a lot! but my year of birth in the Chinese charts means I’m currently in my year of tiger,…I got a big purr!


        • yes sue you’re v playful, and daft, an i like dat (imagine dast said in jamaican accent like my stepadad; thick burr, not purr, note) as a practising buddhist i love lite, lightness, laying down our sufferings/ burdens. i also really get all demons are diamonds, fron the tantrayana/ vajrayana traditioon of buddhism. i love danbcing, and a cup o char; do you; fancy a coffee. i do not kow if they will aloo this, but my no is Milan 0772 2301, and i need a new friends, to be happy be unpredictable says the 7 pioit mind training; yeas folks it really is simple in a sense, to be happy, act outside your preedicatable neurotic patterns.
          you made me laff, so i consider you a friend.
          or if u like come to the jazz band, open invite to everyone too, The Vic Pub, Gt George St LS1, behind the Leds Town Hall. I arrive between 9-30pm and 10pm after dharma study and meditation ends, at Leeds Buddhist Centre. Come out and play, life is short. i am so happy
          compassion is its own reqard hope your are not bored?


  3. Hi Milan, I have seen you dance before, at one Mad pride event at the Common Place, I’m sure we will have a cuppa on the 27th, your philosophy is fascinating, not boring at all, what night is the Vic pub event? every week/month?
    Suzette de’ crepe


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