The Orion Cafe, LS6 a lovely experience with great salad and coffee!

 Greek Salad at The Orion Cafe,  LS6.

If you fancy some Mediterranean food on a warm (or cold) evening,  I can recommend going Greek at Hyde Park Corner. I ordered a Greek Salad, which was so lovely I went back the following evening and ordered it again!

Orion has a charm about it.  It feels authentic, laid back and warm. The atmosphere along with the current heat wave made it easy to imagine that we were somewhere more exotic than Hyde Park Corner.  After dinner we attempted to put the world to rights whilst sipping Greek Coffee and sharing Halva!  It’s definitely worth a visit and salads are reasonably priced below £5.

Incidentally, I looked up  ‘Greek Coffee’  and found a splurge of articles written earlier in the year linking it to longevity. Whilst I tend to take claims of this kind with a pinch of salt, and understand there are mixed claims about coffee,  It certainly has made me think about swapping my Latte for a Greek !


PS. The photograph, wasn’t taken at the restaurant – but the cup did have the same cute filled-in handle!

🙂 Vicky

4 thoughts on “The Orion Cafe, LS6 a lovely experience with great salad and coffee!

  1. Mmm, nice review Vicky, my mouth is certainly watering, last time I went I did feel the Central Perk even though I didn’t have the coffee! I didn;t notice if their ‘sister’ cafe the Symposium, which is next door is still open, that used to open in the day time and Orion at night, they cater for picnic’s/parties and used to do the loveliest fresh orange juice, with herbs.
    p.s. I have the proper coffee pot, it’s not copper and Kostas, the cafe owner, sells the coffee blend, just need the lesson


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