Considering Lilies

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Writing blog pieces about wellbeing is hard, mood fluctuation often leads me to be less than well. I don’t necessarily think that means I have a diagnoseable illness, a disorder as some are want to call it. I don’t know enough about other peoples’s experience to speculate how they wish to couch their mood changes, I think most likely many people are affected by mood change, but it may be heightened for those whom life has thrown particular difficulties their way, and/or they are sensitive and intuitive of  non-materialistic pursuits.

I had commitments this week, motivation to keep them was low,  but a bunch of flowers relit my enthusiasm sufficiently well to contribute this blog post. It was intended to coincide with Leeds and Yorks PFT week long event, 10th June, on the use of digital social media, and its potential to aid some aspects of recovery from mental health issues,. The flowers were a reduced price bouquet of scented flocks, and bunch of Oriental lilies, still with closed buds, only one revealed a hint of pink. There was no indication whether they were the highly perfumed kind. A visitor bearing a gift of brightly coloured mixed carnations, added an additional part of what was to be a showy display. Each day, mainly overnight one or two buds started to peek open, revealing the delicate white/pink petals and rust tipped stamens, by evening their perfume, overwhelmingly heady, I find Oriental Lilies so exciting, since they open to reveal their unashamed flamboyant nature….(I openly admit to praising them once or twice,) perhaps that’s why twelve blooms rewarded me with their glory for over a week. I’m still awaiting the thirteenth to honor me with its presence, and have now added maroon alstromeria (Peruvian Lilies) to the display. Enjoy them!

The photographs were taken with a bloggie camera.

Sue Margaret

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