The UK’s first national competition for marginalised and disabled writers is launched!

Here’s an interesting opportunity for budding ‘marginalised and disabled’ writers. I wasn’t too impressed that you have to pay a fiver to enter, since the entry form refers to ‘funders’ anyway, but the project does look pretty good. Closing date is midday Sunday 16th June. Terry

Creative Future Literary Awards


Today we launch the competition for great writing by marginalised and disabled writers. We can’t wait to see your entry so get writing!  We want to show the world that having a disability or being marginalised and socially excluded doesn’t stop you from being a great writer (perhaps it even gives you greater insight or a wider range of experience to draw on). We want to challenge people’s preconceptions of what disabled and marginalised people are capable of, so send us your entries and let’s show the world how great you are.

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I'm interested in the healing and redemptive power of art and creativity. I've always loved words and music, so songs are a particular favourite thing. Recently I've begun to explore the possibilities of images too. It's been a real revelation to have a phone that takes pictures, and to join them with words, and maybe music opens all sorts of new horizons.

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