Living on my own

HELEN SUMS UP SO WELL THE DILEMMA OF BEING HUMAN, JUGGLING OUR NEEDS AND WANTS, always a pleasure to read…oh and I know a good place for Leeds..the type with cream!…accompanied by cool retro vibe ..2 nr UoL campus one near bus station ..Cafe Rand

Hello from me to you

‘Sometimes I feel I’m gonna break down and cry, so lonelyNowhere to go, nothing to do with my timeI get lonely, so lonely, living on my own.

Sometimes I feel I’m always walking too fast And everything is coming down on me down on me I go crazy oh so crazy living on my own’

Living on my own – Queen


‘Live your #dream and wear your #passion because today you’re as old as you have ever been and as young as you will ever be…’

‘The past is dead. We can’t change it so why beat ourselves up over it? This Flowing Moment, As You Read, Is The Only Place We Can Exist!’

‘Kind, good hearted common sense is hard to beat! ;D)’

‘To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.’

‘People who…

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6 thoughts on “Living on my own

  1. I particular liked the definition of tsundoku, ‘buying books and not reading them’, which I have suffered from for many years. When I was at college I had a philosophy lecturer who reckoned that he absorbed the information from unread books by something he called osmosis but this is not my experience.


  2. Love the Queen quote. I have also listened to that song, and it resonated! Also as an aside, I am such a fan of Freddie Mercury!
    I live alone, and am really not sure that it is good for me. I also feel it’s too expensive. For me it’s just too easy to ruminate, too easy to get lost in thought – too easy to be messy. I often think how much healthier it would be for other people to be around, but they would need to be the right people – there is a risk that they wouldn’t be??!
    The stress of trying to change this situation at present seems to outweigh the downside. I am treading water, not sure if it’s the right thing. But, we do the best we can!
    So I identify with both Helen and Freddie, and hope that I won’t always be living on my own!


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