A heartwarming story, sometimes is the perfect antidote..

‘ The little white dog showed incredible determination…’

I believe it’s important to share our stories in order to make vital changes in the world, to learn from others,  to share understanding and to promote action if needed.

However I think this includes happy and light-hearted stories, the sweet things that make this world such a wonderful place.

So I had a little bit of a flick around the Internet and found this heart warming story from China (okay it’s not Leeds.)  I thought I’d share it…

We are always looking for guest posts, do you have any heart warming stories or good news to share?

4 thoughts on “A heartwarming story, sometimes is the perfect antidote..

  1. What an inspiring story 🙂
    Looks like we can all learn a bit from this very determined dog!
    If you are looking for more good stories please feel welcome to visit our site http://www.finallygoodnews.net which is dedicated to spreading positive news.
    It’s important that we all share good stories like this as much as we can.


    • Thanks for this Robin. I am having a flick around your site and it looks great. I think it’s important to get the balance right between sharing stories of suffering in order to change things, but also to share Good News too!


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