Guest Blogs

We’re always interested in guest bloggers – if you’ve something to say about staying well in Leeds please get in touch. Here’s an example of how it works from Ewan Povey, guest blogging for Leeds Mind.


The first has been written by Ewan Povey

The nation seems gripped with the belief that the unemployed are the fortunate ones. There was a time when people would have gone beserk with joy at £20,000 a year whatever they had to do to earn it. Personally I’d just like to be well enough to work, to not to have to live my life in a paranoid, anxious, mood destablised state, for women not to constantly cross the metaphorical road to get away from the too intense love of the manic man stigmatised by the press as a ‘ psycho’, to not be mocked by children on buses, to be respected by my neighbours for someone who is ‘striving’ to be well and build a useful meaningful existence rather than constantly watching my back lest one of them reports me for some perceived petty benefits infringement, to have an income that…

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1 thought on “Guest Blogs

  1. Hi Ewan, Thanks for your great post on Leeds Mind blog, I do hope you get well enough to live the life you describe you wish to have, free from all the hardships you have experienced, it’s hard when understandable fears of being under scrutiny by others, neighbors officials etc feeds into the areas of self-doubt common to mental health sufferers. It’s heart-warming to hear you praise your mum’s support, and well done for all your achievements.


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