Shared Reading Practitioner Day: Relating Research to Reading

Language, reading can help improve memory, good mental health and well being

The Reader Online

The Reader Organisation’s research partner, the Centre for Research into Reading, Information and Linguistic Systems (CRILS) at the University of Liverpool, seeks to set the world agenda in:

  • Reading, health and well-being
  • New digital technologies and the future of meaning
  • The role of literature in modelling creative thinking about human existence

Their work is already making significant links between reading and cutting-edge research, discovering how reading challenging literature such as Shakespeare and Wordsworth can shift mental pathways and prompt new thoughts in readers, as well as highlighting the ways in which reading can help aid memory, good mental health and wellbeing, and you can discover more about the relationship between reading and research at Speaking Our Own Language’: our Shared Reading Practitioner Day 2013.

Professor Phil Davis and Dr Josie Billington from CRILS will be speaking at the special event, designed for Read to Lead graduates…

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