Reading is not the ‘prescription’ for everyone’s dis-ease, when I was acutely unwell it was hard to concentrate to do sustained reading. Worth a try…someone to read to you, perhaps!

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  1. The link doesn’t work for me to read the full article but I’m interested in what I’ve read and heard about this scheme so far. I agree with you (Lizzie?) that reading is not the ‘prescription’ for everyone’s dis-ease and, as you say, you found it hard to concentrate to do sustained reading when you were acutely unwell.

    I love reading (though was too drowsy to take interest in reading when on heavy psych meds). Once I was able to read again, it helped me a lot and I got interested in a range of fiction and non-fiction books (though my personal preference wasn’t self-help books, so I haven’t much knowledge of these).

    It would be wrong to promote reading as a cure-all for everyone (not sure that anyone is doing that), and people might find in books issues which ‘trigger’ difficult emotions. But perhaps some books are proving very beneficial to many people with certain kinds of mild to moderate problems.


  2. The link worked when it was reblogged from the newsfeed reader! Apologies for that. Your comments are much appreciated especially your experience while heavily medicated, whatever level of medication or absence of it, low mood can and does affect sufferers ability to engage with many activities, reading and writing do provide solace for many, obviously not everyone. LWW are keen to see a variety of ‘reports’ on activities events etc that aid people improve their symptoms and we have had several posts recently about the therapeutic merits of literary activities, there are plans to re-design the blog and I’m sure there will be scope to ensure these interests will get an appropriate profile, since it reflects the interests of current contributors and some readers, however, Community Reporter training seeks to enable its volunteers to write/fim/photograph issues of general interest and importance, getting out in the ‘field’ intrepid as we might be! has proved difficult during the winter and with the constraints of other demands on emotional and practical resources.


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