M.Ps mental health

Good to see that some M.Ps are not ashamed to talk about their own mental health issues,  perhaps it will enable further awareness of its frequent  stigmatising effects.



3 thoughts on “M.Ps mental health

    • Congrats, Mike for this recognition of your work!
      If you want to read Mikes journalistic contributions and personal story on our site check our archive for March 2012, particularly ‘The Impact of Suicide on others’, in addition to his training with and skilful posts with LWW, Mike is a
      Consultant in Mental Health
      Retired Mental Health Social Worker
      Member of the Leeds Suicide Prevention Strategy
      Member of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy Suicide Bereavement Working Party
      Member of the All Party Group Suicide Prevention House of Commons
      Member of the Samaritans National Advisory Group



  1. It’s good to see change of any kind in relation to ways of improving mental wellbeing, the MPs seem to value talking therapy, telling their stories in confidence to someone they trust, their ‘allowance’ will give them some freedom to shop around, unfortunately that is not the case for most distressed people. Interesting use of language-‘fruitcake’ to describe OCD! possibly could be overlooked in private conversation, surely not in public speech? why only yesterday I overheard the term ‘basket case’ being used in a public discussion.
    It was indeed encouraging to see Mike get a mention for his work with suicide prevention and those bereaved through it, perhaps it would be useful to have a post, with his suggestions about ways of keeping well if we have low mood or suicidal thoughts.


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