The Silver Linings Playbook. Arts and Minds, Mental health reading challenge!

The Arts and Minds Network, have a reading challenge for 2013.  A book a month has been chosen to read throughout the year.  The authors include: Charlotte Bronte, Sylvia Plath, F Scott Fitzgerald along with modern authors such as Jeanette Winterton. This month’s book is ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ by Matthew Quick. Which has now been made into a film, and is tipped for an Oscar.

In my book, it’s a fantastic idea.. (pardon the pun!) We are all invited to read the books and then to review or comment upon them via social media.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what your situation is.  Tom at Arts and Minds has created a BookBlog and this month’s book has started to receive its first reviews. The reading list has been compiled in conjunction with Leeds Libraries, Leeds Waterstones and the Leeds NHS

Leeds Book Club, are also involved and accepting reviews.  They say the aim is to ‘create a conversation on and about the realities of mental health issues versus the depictions in the books and therefore the stereotypes that ‘regular’ people buy into.’

February’s book – The Silver Lining Playbook, Matthew Quick


I have placed my review for The Silver Lining Playbook on the Bookblog.   But, in short it was a quick and easy read and I did enjoy it.  People have commented that the characters are a little one-dimensional and perhaps that aspects of the narrating style are a little naive. But I enjoyed it.   Here is a snippet of my review:

‘It‘s lightness suited me. I didn’t want to read something too gritty. I found that if I let my imagination delve one or two layers beneath the light-hearted narrative, that I could find a deeper and more realistic narrative which had some meaning for me.’

‘The story deals with denial, co-dependency, loss, grief, regression, fear, guilt and a whole host of other complex interrelated psychological/social factors.. and ultimately a slow journey back to self-awareness/reality. It also shows that we all have nuances and flaws, not just those who breakdown. I found it quite ‘normalising’ and refreshing.’

‘Albeit in a light-hearted Rom-Com fashion.’

Thanks for reading. I hope I have encouraged you to visit Tom’s (Arts and Minds) Bookblog and maybe join in the reading, if it suits.

Thanks, Vicky 🙂


Book List for the year

Feb – The Silver Linings Play Book, Matthew Quick

March – The Psychopath Test, Jon Ronson

Apr – I had a black dog

May – Why be happy when you can be normal , Jeanette Winterton

Jun – Poppy Shakespeare, Clare Allan

July – Birthday Letters, Ted Hughes & Ariel, Sylvia Plath

August –Tender is the Night, F Scott Fitzgerald

September – Day, A L Kennedy

October – Notes from an exhibition, Patrick Gale

November – A Life too Short, Ronald Reng

Dec – Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte


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3 thoughts on “The Silver Linings Playbook. Arts and Minds, Mental health reading challenge!

  1. Lovely inspiring and very skilfully written piece, now my eyesight is changing a pace I could well be looking for a private reader! Thanks for keeping LWW informed, for keep, keeping on! for acknowledging reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea, one can’t assume of course even if its is, that the focus has to be mental health, early in my recovery I read everything mental health I could lay my hands on, and moved away from that topic a little, however this list looks intriguing.


  2. Hi Su,
    Thanks for your comment. The Silver linings Playbook is very light. I was apprehensive at first, but it’s really a light and easy read. I think it is quite uplifting actually.
    Reading isn’t everyone’s cuppa – you are right. For me it is an escape and can be meaningful and help me grow and understand other people’s points of view, it helps me expand my knowledge. But also I think it’s important to do activities whereby you can be with others, for me at least.
    It’s about balance. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you okay.

    Thanks Vicky


    • Reading not only floats my boat it is my cup of tea!! it’s been great to hear of the wide variety you read. That’s why I think The Reader Organisation idea is so great as it gives people who might be reluctant readers or have poor reading skills the opportunity to experience the pleasure.


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