Jean Davison

 deskJust look how messy I am! This photo of my cluttered writing desk says it all. Here is where I beaver away writing my masterpiece novel, which will one day catapult me to fame and fortune (I wish).

We’ve all heard the saying that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. But is it really? Before I start trying to justify my messy desk, I’ll acknowledge there might be some truth in the saying. I suppose I do have the sort of mind that shoots off thoughts in all directions, creating chaos. Reigning in ideas to try to fit them into neat categories does not always work. They tumble from their aligned slots to grow and yell and spread until they end up poking out all over the place and tripping each other up. I love the way Kate Millett (in ‘The Loony Bin Trip’) describes…

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  1. Thoughtful article with significance to well being in that, mental clutter and practical can impede clarity of purpose and emotion, finding solutions to the often overwhelming seeming mess of negative thought that threatens those with mood -‘disorders’ …keep telling myself ‘Someday, everything is gonna be diff’rent When I paint my masterpiece’….I would not dare show a photo of my desk, house…well done, look forward to your second masterpiece!….signed.


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