Keeping well on a shoe string in Leeds

Using social media is a relatively cheap source of entertainment, and may aid well being, however how many people on low income can afford a smart phone, buy computing equipment, pay for an internet provider etc. My annual ‘pay rise’, this year £2.04, won’t go too far towards paying for any of them.

I was able to use work and public library computers to pick up emails and the odd internet surf, only investing in a laptop two years ago. In an idle moment I created a Twitter account but never really saw how useful it was, and how many passwords can you remember and remain sane? Anyway as part of a Current Issues course I’m taking, it was suggested that Twitter was a useful resource, so…..I’ve started tweeting again! perhaps this time I will get to grips with it!….how safe is it? within a short few days I received one unpleasant message and a ‘web attack’, I thought I had chosen to follow reputable people and sites, I’ve had some supportive feedback too, nothing quite like someone valuing your opinion, even when they don’t agree! for giving a buzz,…stimulates discussion, so necessary when you are temporarily or permanently housebound.

Perhaps a Dropbox or a MOOC will be my next  free venture in keeping me well? that old rocking chair and knitting needles looks tempting though.

A real and Facebook friend ‘liked’ this Leeds Forum, it’s got lots of information, events and news about Leeds.

armchair reporter!

4 thoughts on “Keeping well on a shoe string in Leeds

  1. I loved your post and I hope you get going with Twitter! It took me two goes too but now I suspect many would say I’m an addict 🙂 If you do a MOOC let us know how it goes. I love Twitter for the connections it gives me – even from my armchair!


    • Very much appreciate your comments, I do find social media fun but a bit addictive! MOOC is a fascinating progression for distance Learning, the University of Leeds is involved, a formal programme there s proving demanding for me, however staff in Lifelong Learning and Equality Services are doing everything to enable me cope with disabling experiences, it’s reassuring there are alternatives to keep this old brain ticking over.


  2. Hello Armchair Reporter!

    Nice blog post. Social Media can indeed be an outlet and a way of communicating when one is housebound for whatever reason. When people live alone, also it can be a way of keeping company. Knitting sounds good too! I will check out the Leeds Forum, thanks for signposting it. Cheers Vicky


    • Thanks for your comments, yes I think the blogging and our FB group page has alliviated some of the isolation the winter months bring,there are several knit and natter groups in Leeds, perhaps an interview, video and post would be of interest to others too.


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