Local Democracy and Health

Public Health in Tough TimesWhat should public health look like in tough times – what are the strategies and actions that will do the most to tackle health inequalities and support the most vulnerable?

If you want to get a really good feeling for the scale of the challenge look at the latest publication from the Centre for Welfare Reform “A Fair Society? How the cuts target disabled people” this highlights that:

  • Of the £75.2 billion to be cut by government by 2015 50% falls on two areas – benefits and local government – these two areas only make up 26.8% of government expenditure.
  • Local Governments primary function (over 60%) is to provide social care to children and adults
  • By 2015 local government and housing will be cut by £16.2 billion – a real terms cut of 41.9%
  • Benefits for disabled people and the poorest will also have been cut by £18 billion a…

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